2008 - Bankers vs Owners 2:3

Dear all,

Another tough year for the bankers: Martin's middle-aged men beat Ingmar's Rat pack with 3:2. But it was a close and very exciting match. Many spectators saw the bankers as the stronger team. However, an excellent goalie, Christian Kockentiedt (Intersee) and Carsten Schober (Peter Döhle Schiffahrt) in offense secured the third victory in a row. Christian Dyballa's and Stefan Schlatermund's goals for the bankers were not sufficient.

More than a competitive football match, it was a social event for the German shipping industry and financing banks: More than 300 spectators observed the match at the HSH Nordbank Arena. Roughly 40 kids were entertained by "Dino Hermann" and other activities. 200 people stayed for the following dinner at "Die Raute". This sets a benchmark for next year.

Sabine Beuth and Sabine Bethke of Hypovereinsbank as well as the sons of Oliver Henkel (Deutsche Schiffsbank AG) and Michael Say (August Bolten) were awarded as the best fans and won tickets for a European Cup match of HSV.

All this was made possible by TOTAL LUBMARINE, the sponsor of the event. Thanks a lot!

We would like to thank Udo Bandow for arranging the HSV training field, Viola Kuhk, Mary Pasieka, Alexandra Lichtenthal, Nicole Vidal (all Salomon Invest) for organising the match and supervising the children, our referees Marc and Gert Richter and Rüdiger Frank, the paramedics of JUH, the jury for "best fans" with Viola Holberg (Lloyd Fonds), Kristina Köhn (Deutsche Schiffsbank) and Suwarie Topaz (Liberian Registry), Mike McCleery (Marine Money) for coming all the way from New York and the employees of HSV and "Die Raute" for all the support.

All interested readers of this homepage are kindly asked to add results, photos, the names of scorers and stories from the past years.

As the wise Sepp Herberger once said: "After the match is beforte the match". Please reserve Wednesday, the 2nd of September 2009 for the 35th match bankers versus shipowners".

Sponsored by:


Richter, Marc

HSH Nordbank AG


Frank Rüdiger

Richter, Gert


Training field of HSV - next to the HSH Nordbank Arena

Sylvesteralle 7

22525 Hamburg

Team Bankers

Bünte, Frank 
HSH Nordbank AG

Dyballa, Christian
Bremer LB

Ekici, Aykut


Eskerud, Kjetil
Deutsche Shipping

Henkel, Oliver

Herzog, Marko
HSH Nordbank AG

Hulse, George
Howe Robinson

Keller, Erwin
Commerzbank AG

Kewitsch, Sebastian
HSH Nordbank AG

Klintworth, Axel
Deutsche Shipping

Kloebe, Steffen
HSH Nordbank AG

Kolle, Jens
Bremer LB

Kwasniki, Christian

Loges, Ingmar

Maeter, Michael
HSH Nordbank AG

Palm, Tobias 

Schlatermund, Stefan
HSH Nordbank AG

Schulz, Remo
HSH Nordbank AG

Seidel, Ulf
HSH Nordbank AG

Sen, Aaron

Smith, Steven Sean
HSH Nordbank AG

Wünschmann, Philipp

Zimmermann, Matthias
Commerzbank AG

Zundel, Falk
HSH Nordbank AG

Team Shipowners

Arndt, Jens

  • Reederei H. Vogemann

Barthel, Jan

  • Peter Döhle Schiffahrt

Bartsch, Stefan

  • NSB Niederelbe Schiffahrtsgesellschaft

Bayraktutan, Engin

  • Furtrans

Behrens, Patrick

  • Johs. Thode Reedereigesellschaft

Escherhaus, Maik

  • Hartmann Reederei

Glandien, Holger

  • MPC Steamship

Gundermann, Albrecht

  • Salomon Invest

Ihrke, Hendrik

  • AppenCapital

Kockentiedt, Christian

  • Intersee

Kruse, Sven


McCleery, Mike

  • Marine Money

Oltmann, Peter

  • Oltmann Verwaltung

Mete, Erkan

  • Kalkavan Shipmanagement

Padilla, Benjamin

  • Bernard Schulte Shipmanagement

Petrovic, Bozidar

  • NSB Niederelbe Schiffahrtsgesellschaft

Rößler, Dirk

  • NSC Schifffahrtsgesellschaft 

Ruttmann, Matthias

  • MST Mineralien Schiffahrt Spedition und Transport

Schober, Carsten

  • Peter Döhle Schiffahrt

Smith, Martin

  • Norddeutsche Reederei

Strack, Holger

  • Rickmers Reederei

Struck, Detlev

  • Ernst Russ

Tamke, Dirk

  • Transeste

Ürkmez, Sualp

  • Furtrans

Zeppenfeld, Joachim
Bremer Bereederungsgesellschaft