2010 - Bankers vs Owners 1:2

What beautiful evening!


At the end, we counted 400 spectators, including 40 children, who watched an exciting match between bankers and owners with the owners winning 2:1. The sun was shining, the beer was cold, the following party lasted long - what else could have been expected? As was announced in the invitation: It is a classic match, that can only be compared to Real vs. Barca, HSV vs. Werder Bremen or Niendorfer TSV vs. Germania Schnelsen.


For the 37th time Hamburg's maritime industry met to play "Bankers versus Shipowners". As in previous years, the match took place on the HSV training field next to the IMTECH Arena, the formerVolksparkstadion.


„Oli´s Rat Pack“, the bankers' team under leadership of Captain Oliver Trennt of UniCredit tried defending the 3:0-victory from 2009 against „Martin’s middle-aged men“, the owners' team of Captain Martin Smith/Norddeutsche Reederei.


While initially the bankers put a lot of pressure on the owners, soon the young team (average age below 30) lost focus. Driven by Goalie Heiner Thormälen von of NSB and Captain Smith the owners took control after 30 minutes. The experienced team (average age above 40 did not give it out of their hands again. Holger Strack/Rickmers Reederei and Christian Kockentiedt/Intersee from Haren/Ems scored two beautiful goals before the break. Briefly before the end of the first 45 minutes, Falk Zündel of HSH Nordbank scored the only goal for the lenders. The second half saw a lot of action but no goals.


The following party with many guests in "Die Raute" lasted until after midnight.


Best Player

Holger Strack (Rickmers Reederei)

Christian Kockentiedt (Intersee)

Falk Zündel (HSH Nordbank AG)

Heiner Thormählen (NSB)


Lines Men

Marc Richter (HSH Nordbank AG)

Rüdiger Frank

Christian Lüders